José Luís Moreira da Silva, Partner at SRS Advogados, has just been elected the new Board President of ASAP – Association of the Law Firms of Portugal (“Associação das Sociedades de Advogados de Portugal”). The Association now aims to be an active voice near the political power and to promote the development of new technologies in the legal sector.

The ASAP General Assembly, which took place on 24th October, elected the new corporate bodies for the next triennium of 2019/2020. The new Board of Directors proposes to be an active voice in defending law firms in the face of political power and in promoting new technologies in law, besides targeting to contribute to a better understanding among the public about the role of lawyers in law firms.

The new Board of Directors also comprises José Costa Pinto, Miguel Torres, Vieira Peres, Teresa Brito da Silva and José Luís Esquível, from the respective law firms, Costa Pinto, Telles, Morais Leitão, Abreu, PLMJ and Esquível. At the Bureau were elected Pedro Raposo, Nuno Pena and Duarte Abecassis, from the respective law firms, Raposo Sá Miranda, CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut and Cuatrecasas. Finally, to the Fiscal Council were elected Ana Pinelas Pinto, Domingos Cruz and João Carvalhinho, from the respective law firms, Miranda, CCA and LeggiTeam.

The composition of the new corporate bodies reflects an appropriate weighting between the larger and smaller law firms, between Lisbon and Oporto, and between domestic and foreign law firms established in Portugal.

ASAP is the Association of the Law Firms of Portugal, created in 2002, having currently about 80 associated law firms of different sizes, both in terms of number of partners, associates and employees and in terms of client portfolio’s volume. It was created to protect the interests of Portuguese law firms with complete freedom and independence and is the only association of its kind in Portugal. ASAP studies and takes a stand on everything regarding the practice of law in a corporate form.


About José Luís Moreira da Silva

José Luís Moreira da Silva is a partner at SRS Advogados and responsible for the Departments of Public Law and Environmental Law. Member of the Portuguese Bar Association since 1986, has been recognized by the Portuguese Bar as a specialist in Administrative Law since 2004.

He was an advisor to the Government in the area of ​​road and port infrastructures and a Member of the Assembly of the Republic in the decades of the 80s and 90s. He was a member of the Superior Council of the Administrative and Fiscal Courts and, until 2009, member of the Superior Council of the Magistrature, always elected by the Parliament.

He is a member of the UIA – International Association of Lawyers (“Union Internationale des Avocats”) and was appointed in 2012 as President of the Administrative Law Commission of the UIA, one of the largest within the organization.

He also detains a vast professional experience in Litigation Law, and has long advised public and private entities in this field. He is the author of several publications and collaborates regularly in university courses on Administrative Law, being also a partner of various Public Law scientific associations.

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